About Us

MMBHS was founded by Gretchen & Jason Martinez in April of 2019 after seeing a deficit in service providers for their own children in Kenosha County. Gretchen & Jason have more than 30 years of combined personal, educational, and professional experience in the mental health field, making the transition to business owners and mental health providers an easy decision.
MMBHS has expanded over the years to include several service arrays in multiple counties (Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, & Walworth Counties in Wisconsin).

Mission Statement & Values

Working with individuals and families, MMBHS focuses on providing services alongside natural and community supports. The MMBHS mission statement is “to walk beside you on your path to recovery”, meaning staff are expected to take a side-by-side approach with clients with empathy and compassion. Each person has their own path in life and MMBHS strives to support individuals/families wherever that path may lead. Mending Minds practice is focused on the following principles:
  • education
  • empowering
  • empathy
  • advocacy
  • accountability
  • promoting
  • wellness
  • building protective factors
  • integrity
  • self-respect
  • encouraging safe stable, nurturing environments
  • collaboration with community and natural supports


“To support individuals and families to thrive, not just survive.” MMBHS, 2019

What is CCS?

DHS 36.01Authority and purpose.
This chapter is promulgated under the authority of ss. 49.45 (30e) (b) and 51.42 (7) (b), Stats., to establish the scope of psychosocial service programs, standards for certification and criteria for determining the need for psychosocial rehabilitation services, and other conditions of coverage of community based psychosocial services under the medical assistance program pursuant to ss. 49.45 (30e) and 49.46 (2) (b) 6. Lm., Stats. History: CR 04-025: cr. Register October 2004 No. 586, eff. 11-1-04.