Comprehensive Community Services

What is CCS?

DHS 36.01 Authority and purpose. 

This chapter is promulgated under the authority of ss. 49.45 (30e) (b) and 51.42 (7) (b), Stats., to establish the scope of psychosocial service programs, standards for certification and criteria for determining the need for psychosocial rehabilitation services, and other conditions of coverage of community based psychosocial services under the medical assistance program pursuant to ss. 49.45 (30e) and 49.46 (2) (b) 6. Lm., Stats.
History: CR 04-025: cr. Register October 2004 No. 586, eff. 11-1-04.

Summary of CCS

CCS (Comprehensive Community Services) is a DHS Chapter 36 Statute that is a form of Medicaid. Within this Medicaid service, individuals that have been assessed to have a several emotional disturbances (SED), have failed in traditional out patient services, and has either or both a mental health or AODA diagnosis. Consumers complete an application, screening process, and create an individual service plan with service facilitators. Referrals for specific services are then sent to providers to provide support towards goals the consumer has identified.

Those enrolled in CCS take control of their treatment and recovery. They work with a team to decide which services and support will help them reach their goals. These services and supports may include:

  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Help to manage medicines.
  • Job-related skills training.
  • Peer support.
  • Personal and/or family psychoeducation.
  • Physical health monitoring.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • Screening and assessment.
  • Skill growth and refinement.
  • Substance use treatment.
  • Wellness management and recovery.

Although MMBHS staff do not facilitate services and determine eligibility, MMBHS will support individuals in meeting their individual goals as defined in each person’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP). MMBHS staff become an integral part of the recovery team to support an individual/family to be successful. All supports should be person-centered, and consumer driven. It is crucial that all team members always understand their role and practice within their scope of practice.

Services Covered Under CCS Services

What services are covered?

CCS (Comprehensive Community Services) is meant to help with recovery. The program works to stabilize and address mental health and substance use concerns, which include:

  • Self-managing physical health and social health.
  • Meeting basic needs, such as housing, education, and work.